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As August comes to a close, we’re greeted by cooler temperatures and more frequent periods of rain. Although the beach days of summer may be almost over, it’s never to late to be careful and preventative against pests that may harm you or your family. Be sure to keep checking out website for tips & tricks on how to keep your family safe from bed bugs, spiders and any other pests.

Summer Pest Control Observations:

  • Although we seemed to have rain at least once a week, the mosquito population was¬†tolerable.
  • The Japanese Beetle population was greatly reduced by the previous cold winter.
  • Bed Bugs got a boost because some motels are not proactive in bed bug control.

Beg Bud In Hotels

Travelling is stressful enough. The last thing that you need to worry about is bed bugs. To ensure your safety, please be proactive and review the accommodations that you will be staying in. If the reviews do ¬†not indicate that there are any bed bug issues, it’s still best to be proactive.

Here are a few tricks that you can use to avoid and to check for bed bugs:

  • Leave you luggage in the bathtub. This sounds strange, but it’s the least likely area to have bed bugs.
  • When the shower/ bath tub is in use, place your luggage on the towel tracks.
  • When you first enter the room, leave your luggage outside and conduct a thorough room inspection. Remember to check the bed, between the sheets and behind the pillows.

If you have anymore questions about bed bugs, please read our bed bugs prevention blog post.

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