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BBQ Season is here! As the temperature continues to climb, it’s clear that we are going to face a very warm summer. With the warmer weather, it is important to be aware of the different seasonal warnings that may affect your family and your home. Our expert pest control technicians have created specialized plans to ensure that you are not affected.

MosquitosHelp Pest Control

They fly, they buzz and worst of all they feed on your blood! If you live in Simcoe or Grey County, we’re sure that you struggle with these pesky little buggers on a yearly basis. Here a few tips to ensure your comfort and safety.

  • The worst times to be out are dawn and dusk
  • Watch and eliminate standing pools of water
  • Eliminate water catchers until the rainy season ends
  • Use bug spray whenever you’re outsid
  • Keep your house windows closed or tape the windows to ensure that the mosquitos don’t sneak in

If you are interested in learning more about mosquitos, the National Geographic has a ton of great information.

Japanese Beetles

The destruction of these small pests is vast. Japanese Beetles target about 200 different species of plants across North America including: rose bushes, grapes, hops, birch trees and many others. It may be surprising to know that Japanese Bee
tles have been bothering Simcoe and Grey County for a few years now. Here are a few tips from our licensed pest control technicians:

  • Japanese_Beetle_Pest_ControlClear the base of plants to eliminate harbourage
  • Obtain a pheromone trap from a garden centre and place at least 15 ft from plants
  • In the morning shake limbs with insects and have them drop into a mineral oil or soapy solution
  • It is critical that you get them early to prevent them from reproducing

The activity of the Japanese Beetle is expected to start on the following dates:

July 1 GTA
July 8 York Region
July 15 Simcoe County NORTH

If you have any questions, or require any assistance to rid of mosquitos or Japanese Beetles, please feel free to contact us. 

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