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If you live in Ontario, we can all agree that mosquitos are one of the most annoying pests. They buzz, they bite and they fight in numbers! Unfortunately, mosquitos are here to stay… although there are a ton of products available on the market, very few of them work and have a long lasting effect (based upon our personal opinions). In this blog, we are going to share our top 5 tricks/ tips and products to staying protected from these pesky little buggers!

Before we get started, lets cover the basics:

  • Purchase a quality bug spray and apply it as directed!
  • Cover all exposed skin whenever possible

Although these tips seem basic… most people forget or simply don’t understand how important they are. A quality bug spray with a high level of DEET is fairly effective, please read the manufactures directions and warnings.

1) Off PowerPad Lanterns0004650017371_A

One of our most true & tested methods is the Off PowerPad Lanterns. The kits are sold at most hardware stores. They feature a small blue disk that promises to clear a 15-foot mosquito free area. Based upon our personal family experience, the PowerPad truly works and its great for keeping mosquitos away from a particular area such as a deck or garage.

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2) Bug Jacket82170

Although a bug jacket seems a little excessive, it truly works. There are a variety of jackets available from local and big box retail stores. The jackets typically provide full skin & head cover from flying pests such as mosquitos and blackflies. The jacket has face, wrist and waist draw strings to ensure a snug fit.

3) Sage & Rosemary

Sage and rosemary

If you’re looking for a chemical free method, sage & rosemary are your answer! Take a few sprigs and throw them into the fire. The fire helps the sage & rosemary release a strong scent and repel mosquitos and other flying pests. This method is perfect if your camping or having an afternoon BBQ party.



4) ThymeSONY DSC

If you’re looking for a grab’n go method… try some thyme. Take a few sprigs, crush them up, place inside a Kleenex and keep them in your pocket. Mosquitos naturally avoid the scent of thyme plants, so this method will keep you bug free!



5) Bug Spray, Bug Spray & More Bug Spraydeet

If all else fails, grab the bug spray. There are a variety of different brands, and it’s important to find one that works for YOU! Please read and carefully follow the instructions as some bug sprays need to be applied regularly in order to be effective.

If you have any questions, or need help, please feel free to give us a call!

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