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Don’t be fooled. Ants may be small, but they can cause serious damage to your house and property. It’s important to act fast and protect your home, cottage or business from these sneaky little creatures.



A bat infestation is no laughing matter. They multiply in the hundreds and return every year to the spot that they were born. Act fast and call us today. Trust us, Dracula is the least of your issues.


Bed Bugs

With all of the hype about bed bugs, it’s important to be proactive and careful to ensure that your family is not at risk. Our technicians will create a personalized prevention or elimination plan that will suit your needs and keep you bed bug free.



Spiders live on the ground, in your home, in your car and everywhere else that you may go. The best solution against spiders is to be proactive with a regular spraying program for your home, cottage or business. Contact us today.

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Your home away from home. It’s a place of fun & relaxation. Let us handle the pests.


Protect your home & your family. They’re your most important assets. Contact us today.


Don’t let pests scare your customers away. We can help keep your business on track.

Resorts & Marinas

Protect your resort or marina with one of our specially designed pest control packages.


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